Help Desk Use Case

CRA is a powerful cloud based, easy to use, modern web call detail reporting analytics platform for Cisco® Unified Communications Environments

Cisco® Unified Communications is the most popular collaboration system deployed in today's enterprises, but unfortunately it is not easy to troubleshoot for the average network telecom analyst. Most enterprises that use Cisco CUCM struggle with responding to help desk user complaints related to specific phone calls that took place.

We consistently hear from our customers that their help desk struggles with basic troubleshooting steps for verifying phone trouble's without escalating to their telecom team. Call Record Analyzer (CRA) can give your help desk staff the ability to perform meaningful troubleshooting steps with the end users without having to escalate to a network or telecom engineer.

CRA can allow Help desk members to see why a call was disconnected (maybe the other caller hung up or the phone call was disconnected due to a system related issue),.


How was the voice quality of the phone call (this provides a way to see if the voice quality issue existed on our network or was it on the other side of the PSTN?), which exact devices were involved in the phone call.

CRA also enables Help desk members to see why a user was not able to dial a specific number. 

CRA's mission is to provide easy access to Cisco Call Diagnostics Records (CDR) and Call Management Records (CMR). These records are created by most Cisco devices and additionally multiple CMR records are created for the same phone call. CRA provides meaningful reporting. monitoring, and illustration access to these records which makes CRA ideal for Help Desk members and managers.