Customer Care Use Case

CRA is a powerful cloud based, easy to use, modern web call detail reporting analytics platform for Cisco® Unified Communications Environments

Customer service departments and other areas of the organization responsible for customer care sometimes have to respond to complaints about rudeness or other inappropriate behaviors that took place over the phone. If your organization uses Cisco® IP phones and you have heard some of the following questions - Then CRA can help.

Are you are receiving phone based complaints and you don't have a way of finding out who that caller is?

Do you have a  way of finding how many interactions this specific customer has had with your organization?

Do you have an easy way of obtaining call logs between your organization and this caller?

Normally obtaining this information is specifically difficult if your company sends that main number as the outgoing caller ID for all phone calls.

Call Record Analyzer (CRA) can give your department access to this call data to empower your staff to answer these types of questions. CRA offers a quick search feature to give your staff access to calling and called information. 

Quick Search Report Overview: Running a report

In the "Reports" section there are three tabs: “Received Calls”, “Dialed Calls”, “All Calls”.

  • Received Calls Tab: For searching of calls made to a specific number.

  • Dialed Calls Tab: For searching of calls made from a specific number.

  • All Calls Tab: For searching both made and received calls from specific number

Once the desired tab is selected then choose your date range, optional departments, optional phone number critera and run the report. The following report is generated:

CRA's mission is to provide easy access to Cisco Call Diagnostics Records (CDR) and Call Management Records (CMR). These records are created by most Cisco devices and additionally multiple CMR records are created for the same phone call. CRA provides meaningful reporting. monitoring, and illustration access to these records which makes CRA ideal for customer care staff and customer service management.