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CRA Quarterly Digest - January 2020

CRA is a powerful cloud based, easy to use, modern web call detail reporting analytics platform for Cisco® Unified Communications Environments

Welcome to the CRA Monthly Digest!

The CRA development team would like to provide monthly updates on the development progress  of Call Record Analyzer (CRA). Additionally we will include short helpful "how-to" sections and tips. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy!

New Dashboard Widgets


CRA gained three new dashboard widgets! We added Top Devices with Network ProblemsTop Disconnected Caller, and Locations.

Top Devices with Network Problems

This new widget is used by CRA to display VoIP devices that report network related issues using the Call Diagnostics Records. This widget allows CRA users easy identification of devices that are currently reporting network related issues that could impact voice quality.


Top Disconnected Caller

This new widget is used by CRA to display telephone numbers that experience “error” related call termination cause codes. Cisco CUCM sets a reason code (aka “Call Termination Cause Codes”) to signify things such as why the call was disconnected or dropped. The list of codes is over 120 long. To see them all check the Cisco documentation: (Call Termination Cause Codes).



This new widget uses a map to display your predefined offices that use VoIP. Locations widget is the initial beginning of a larger set of location-specific features that will come soon. Eventually, this widget will show you call volumes between physical locations. It will use call diagnostics records to identify network related issues that could exist on WAN links between remote branches. The idea is to utilize Cisco IP phones as network probes. This widget will also provide visibility into location-specific call-related volumes.


New Schedule Reports Feature


CRA now has the ability to schedule your monthly reports that are automatically delivered via email. Navigate to the Reports area and click on the save icon.


Now, select the options you would like along with adding the specified email addresses for delivery. (Note: the email recipients do NOT need to be CRA users - you can add any valid email address)


Click on Save Filter and close - You will now see your new scheduled report listed.


New Call Troubleshooting Feature


CRA keeps obtaining more troubleshooting tools. Both CDR and CMR records contain information that is very useful in VoIP call quality troubleshooting. Most users report phone related issues that they experienced after the fact. There are very few existing tools that let you go back and see how things looked like during that phone call.  CRA has a new feature that makes analyzing calls for possible network-related issues very easy. Now you can search for list of phone calls and use the “Check for Network Issues” button to find calls with network-related problems:


New Report Additions


CRA reports received a few new features that we wanted to share with you.

1. New Search Options - Now it is easy to search for calls based on call termination status 

   For example, error disconnected cause termination codes:


2. Now you can easily search received calls by calling and called numbers or searched Dialed calls based upon the Called Number



3. Reports can be emailed directly from CRA using the button.  Similar to scheduled reports the receipt of the report does not need to be a CRA user, just a valid email address.



4. New download file formats! CSV is now no longer the only supported option. You now have a choice to export reports in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats.


Thank you for reading and for your support!

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