Telecom Team Use Case

CRA is a powerful cloud based, easy to use, modern web call detail reporting analytics platform for Cisco® Unified Communications Environments

Today telecom users have many way of communicating and interacting: email, instant message, slack, WebEx teams, telepresence video, and of course by IP phone. Call Record Analyzer helps illustrate the importance of Unified Communications to your organization. Quickly, CRA will clearly show current talk time, number of processed phones calls number of made and received calls.

Call Record Analyzer offers dashboard that shows total phone usage to quickly answer the following:

How many phone calls were made in last 12, 24, 48 hours?

How many minutes did the users spend talking on the phone?

Which numbers are dialed the most?

Which number received most of the calls?

Which endpoints are used the most:

Which endpoints made the most calls?

CRA also an be used as a useful troubleshooting tool. The following are a few real examples from real life instances on how CRA was able to help resolve the issues:


Case Scenario #1: The Number of electronic faxes with errors has dramatically increased


Troubleshooting Scenario:

1. Quick look at CRA dashboard indicated increased number of calls with Latency depicted below

2. Closer examination of the calls with Latency indicated that they are all related to Right FAX server shown below:

3. Since no other UC endpoints indicated increased latency the network was pulled out as the source of the problem. Closer examination of the VMWare environment hosting the RightFax server revealed the source of the issue.

CRA's mission is to provide easy access to Cisco Call Diagnostics Records (CDR) and Call Management Records (CMR). These records are created by most Cisco devices and additionally multiple CMR records are created for the same phone call. CRA provides meaningful reporting. monitoring, and illustration access to these records which makes CRA ideal for telecom team management.