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How to Manually Export CDR Records

CRA is a powerful cloud based, easy to use, modern web call detail reporting analytics platform for Cisco® Unified Communications Environments

Here is a step by step guide on how to manually export CDR/CMR Records from Cisco UCM.

Step 1. Access the Cisco CUCM Publisher web admin interface and select Cisco Unified Serviceability from the navigation drop down menu.


Step 2. Select the Tools menu and CDR Analysis and Reporting sub-menu.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 10.50.28

Step 3. Select the CDR menu  and the select the Export CDR/CMR sub-menu.


Step 4.  Choose the following Input date range of records: Mar 11 2020 to Mar 14 2020. Make sure that CDR records and CMR records check box is selected and then click the Export to File button.


Step 5. Right-click on the CDR Dump link and select Save Target As; repeat this action for CMR Dump


Step 6. Zip each of the two (2) files to reduce their size


The zipped files should be small enough to fit as an email attachment. Please email the these two zipped files to


Note: If these files are too large for an email attachment please email us and tell us so we can arrange a secure file drop location.

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